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How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend Best tips ever

There is no any exact trick but here I am sharing some tips about How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend and hopefully it will work for you also.

How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend:

Here I shared that article that How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend? You can make your girlfriend with these tips easily.

  • Go get to know her very well:

How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

Like many methods, asking out a girl in a casual fashion will be easier if the two of you are already on good terms. You don’t have to be BFFs or particularly close friends, but it helps if you’re at least casual friends that greet each other frequently.

Make mild conversation with her whenever possible. If you pass her by in a hallway or on the sidewalk, stop her and speak a little about college, work, the weather, popular television shows, or some other casual subject that comes to mind. If your fantasy girl is surrounded by others, befriend the group to get into the woman. Interact with everybody in the group and try to make friends with her friends, but pay particular attention to her as you converse by directing at least half of your remarks her manner.

  • Try to catch her at right time right place:

How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

You want to wait for a chance to speak to her alone. If you randomly blurt out your feelings in front of a bunch of people, she could feel embarrassed, which might change her reaction in a negative manner.

You will need to have the ability to hold a conversation with her before asking her out. To put it differently, do not bring up the subject as you rush past her on the sidewalk, even if the two of you’re the only ones around. Wait for a chance to speak with her one-on-one with no foreseeable interruptions. As you pass her by, ask her to spare a couple of minutes for you later. Say that you would like to talk for a bit, but avoid acting jittery or too severe about it. You may agree to meet somewhere ordinary, such as outside of church, work, school, or wherever you usually come into contact with her, or you’ll be able to meet someplace like a local park or coffee shop.

  • Always try to Engage in light conversation:

How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

Set the mood of the event by speaking casually for a few minutes before bringing up the question. Doing this will put her at ease and keep the atmosphere pressure-free.

A fantastic way to start is by asking her about how her day and/or week was. Likewise, you may even talk about yours after inquiring about hers.
Also, discuss shared issues of interest or topics that you might normally bring up in conversation with her.

Proper Planning Is most important in new relationship:

  • Proper plan with timing:

How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

Despite the fact that you might want to seem casual and easy-going once you ask her to be your girlfriend, then you want to plan out your strategy so as to succeed.

The good thing about this procedure is that you save face if she turns you down and decreases the amount of tension or pressure between both of you. That doesn’t, however, mean that you ought to be so casual about the thing that you ask her spontaneously or flippantly. When you ask her to be your girlfriend, then you should also ask her to go out with you somewhere.

Ordinarily, you should select a fairly informal activity that offers tons of opportunity to converse further, like a coffee shop or a visit to the zoo or a museum. If you choose something like a movie, ensure that there’s opportunity afterward to get a meal or a cup of coffee so the both of you can speak.

Hopefully, if you will late in anything or your partner feel that you are not punctual then no value to read 100’s of the article about How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend.

  • Mention how well you get along with her:

How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

Be certain you bring up the matter immediately once you share a laugh, agree to something, or make a fantastic mood between the two of you.

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Say it in a casual but true way. Avoid being overly over-dramatic about how things are.
Great example: “You know, I have a good deal of fun talking to you like this. It looks like we’ve got a lot in common. We get along quite well, do not you think?”
Bad example: “You are the only person I will ever meet who I can get along with this nicely. I would be a miserable mess if you were not a part of my life.

  • After understand well ask her to be your girlfriend:

How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

If the woman agrees with you about how well you get together, take the conversation further and tell her you to want to pursue something more.
On the other hand, you also should be certain that you don’t ask her in a shallow or totally carefree way. She needs to be able to realize that you mean what you say.
Great example: “Really, I was hoping we might be able to be something more than just buddies’ I like you a lot, and I’d really like the opportunity to date you.”
Bad example: “Really, I don’t just see you as a friend–I love you more than words can say. I swear I will make you happier than any other man ever could in a million years, so only say’yes’. . .please?”
Bad example: “Actually, now that I think about it, you are pretty hot. I must make you my girlfriend.”

  • Always React calmly regardless of her reply:

How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend

Your spirits can soar if she says yes or crash into a burning, smoldering mess if she says no, but no matter what she says in response, you want to stay cool about it. You may smile, laugh, acknowledge that you’re very nervous about asking her and relieved to hear her reply or say just about anything that lets her know just how serious you are. Having said that, avoid completely overreacting. Provided that you do not suddenly stand up and do a victory dance, then you should be OK.
If she turns you down, then take it with your head held high. Do not cuss out her, accuse her of placing you in the”friend zone,” beg her to change her mind, or need an explanation until she slaps you or bursts into tears. Rather, thank her for an honest response and let her know that you know and


The best mysteries are those that seem as if they could be solved. Despite the fact that this is supposed to be a mystery, drop hints without directly saying who you are so that she has some notion of who to expect as soon as you show your feelings. I wrote that article How to Ask a Girl to be your Girlfriend tips and tricks. Read complete if you want to make a girlfriend easily.

To drop a hint in one of your notes, create a comment that only you and a couple of others might have the ability to make. As an example, if just a few folks know that the woman in question is obsessed with a particular group, write that you’re listening to one of their songs or records when you thought of her.
To drop a hint in person, flirt without directly saying your feelings. If your presence in her life increases as the notes proceeds, she’ll start to think of you as a potential possibility.

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